Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Technology or the Instructional Design

Which makes the difference, the design of instruction or the application of technology? I happen to be of the opinion that the design of instruction is the way to make an impact. The longer I read and apply and observe the use of technology the more I see a need for research to show what works and what does not work.

Being in the midst of my own research and writing -- which includes plenty of reading, I find that educators all over are asking the same questions. How can I design my instruction with the use of technology to make a lasting, deeper, learning experience for my students. Many times, I am afraid, technology comes into that question with no reason other than the higher -ups think this is a good thing and it therefore brings about promotions.

I am presently spending my time finding how good instructional design, the opportunity for working at one's own pace -- which comes with some technologies, can potentially have an impact on one's self-regulated learning behaviors.

More coming --